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These Beautiful & A-List Quality Women Are Hand-Selected After Our Detailed Screening Process… Ready & Willing To Cater To Your Every Whim!

From the desk of Karen Hunter
Vice President,
Meet Submissive Women, Inc.

If you’ve found this website, you’re probably a certain kind of man.

You’ve had success in every aspect of life.

You’ve worked hard, pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and become somebody every other guy wants to be.

So congratulations on being a winner, a leader.

As such, you deserve a romantic situation in your life that’s every bit as high-end as you are.

Here at, we understand that.

You deserve more than having to ask out a random girl and then facing the disappointment of realizing she’ll never measure up to you.

No sir. You want a woman that’s exceptional, like you.

A strong, beautiful woman – stunning good looks, a sharp mind to match, and most importantly a woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to land and please a man like you.

Don’t you think you’d be more suited to a woman like that, rather than some girl you met at a bar?

Now, imagine something else – imagine an unlimited stream of these A-List women at your disposal, so you can repeatedly sample them until you find the one that’s right for you – or just keep on

That’s what we offer.

Our entire business revolves around introducing men of a certain stature, like you, to women we have chosen specifically because they meet our very strict requirements.

They are beautiful, intelligent, and seeking to give you the care and attention you deserve.

The selection process we put each woman through is stringent. Each woman fills out extensive
applications, and if she passes those, we’ll invite her to a face-to- face interview.

And even if she is lucky enough to pass all that, she will still only be approved if she is exceptionally

Many of our female members have had very successful careers as models or actresses; so exquisite good looks are the norm.

To be blunt, we turn down way more women than we accept. Most of whom we interview just simply don’t have what it takes to satisfy our male clients, so we work with only the best.

Imagine an Endless Supply of Top-Shelf Women

Our team of scouts continually scours the globe for the most attractive, vivacious, and interesting women who meet the very specific criteria of our clients.

These women are then screened and put through a
stringent applications process before we even consider allowing them access to clients.

But the results are spectacular: Beautiful, A-List quality women who are ready and willing to cater to your every whim, and who are extremely eager to please.

We are particular, and open about it. We realize that dating for men of a certain caliber isn’t easy. It’s
incredibly difficult to find women who meet the
expectations of our clients.

What we have sought to create is an environment that removes all the challenge for you.

We provide even the most discerning male with attractive female companionship, delivered straight to you – no matter where in the world you are. Each woman is interviewed face-to- face to ensure she meets our standards.

With our service, you will never have to settle for somebody you either don’t want or doesn’t exceed your wildest expectations.

This is not the dating world. We have stripped away all the inconvenience and selected only the finest women for you – and every single one of them is ready to please you, satisfy you and pamper you in every way.

We provide our discerning clients with a drama-free way to meet the love of their life – so we’d like to invite you to browse some of our women, and meet and date as many as you like until you think you’ve found the one.

You deserve a relationship experience that’s every bit as elite and high-caliber as you are, so please click the browse button below to see our women who are dying to please you as soon as tonight.

Some of Our Members

We Do The Work – You Do The Dating

First of all, feel free to browse the photos of our women. Each of these ladies is available for your

One thing that separates us from other introduction services is that we use only genuine photos of our female members – and we know that because we take the photos ourselves, as soon as a woman passes our strict requirements.

Each woman you see on this website is available for you to meet and date, mostly immediately.

In the event the lady you choose is not available, simply pick another, and remember you can always come back later for your original choice.

Our introductions are uncapped, so you can meet every girl on our books, if you so choose.

Once you’ve chosen your woman, we will arrange for her to arrive at your home or hotel at a time and date suitable for you.

Or perhaps you’d prefer a restaurant or bar. Or maybe you’re in another state and require that she fly to you.

The choice is always yours.

Remember, all women are personally met with, screened, and then chosen just for you based on exactly what you’re looking for.

In other words, just let us know exactly what you prefer, and we’ll hand-select matches just for you. And yes, we always guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

We are known to match the most beautiful women to the world’s busiest men. Men come to us because they don’t have the time or patience for bad blind dates.

The men we work with want to meet the right woman who has the total package – beauty, brains, body and balance.

We are relentless, tenacious and driven. If we don’t currently have the perfect woman for you, we leave no stone unturned until we search the country to find her.

100% Confidentiality

Our entire business revolves around discretion

We work with industry leaders, men who are famous both in their field and out of it, so we remain discreet at all times.

We will never disclose anything to the women other than your first name. It is your choice to exchange your contact information after that point.

After each date, we ask you to get in touch and give us your feedback.

This helps us make sure everybody we work with is happy, and that all of the women we accept continue to provide the high level of satisfaction we pride ourselves on.

Stunning Women Who Are Interested In Serious and Honest Relationships

Finally… meet women who aren’t materialistic and only interested in what they can get from you.

These are women who are not merely interested in money or good looks – only in meeting a genuinely good man who will make her a priority.

If you value the finer things in life and your time is at a premium, then let’s cut to the chase and improve your love life. As the #1 matchmaking agency in the nation, we have introduced over 100,000 couples!

Our goal is to introduce the most eligible single men to stunning and intelligent women who seek the
extraordinary rather than the ordinary.

Join the 1,000’s of gentlemen that have chosen us to add excitement to their love lives over the last 14 years with us.

View all of our single women on this website right now and then contact us to discuss exactly what you’re looking for in the perfect partner.

All Current Members Paid $4,995 Each

The question is, are you prepared to pay $4,995 for this service?

You should be.

Not only have many guys already paid that for a membership (and many offered 10 times that much), but you simply can’t put a price on this kind of life-changing opportunity.

Think about this:

  • Who was the last woman you got a phone number from, or attempted to date?
  • Was she out of your league?
  • Was she your idea of a “perfect 10?”
  • Was she the “girl of your dreams?”

Probably not.

And you know what? That is OK.

99.9% of the people in this world are forced to “settle.” So don’t feel too bad (Hell, we’ve all been there.)

But let me ask you this:

What if you could magically hold the key to dating only the type of women you prefer… and doing so whenever you choose?

How much would that be worth to you?

What if you were consistently dating and enjoying the highest quality of women who find you
irresistible… regardless of your age, looks or bank account?

Exactly… most men would say you simply can’t put a price on that.

The fact that you can now date and spend the rest of your life with the most submissive, heart-stopping and jaw-dropping women you have ever seen has got to be

If that isn’t worth $4,995, then I honestly don’t know what is.

Well guess what…

You Don’t Have To Spend $4,995

When you secure one of the final Elite Lifetime Memberships within the next 72 hours, it’s yours for only $2,779.

This allows you lifetime access to always choose ANY of the women in our database for a locked-in
referral cost of just $995 per introduction.

Meet as many as you want – it will never be more than $995 for each one, and we guarantee your
satisfaction 100%.

WARNING – Time Is A Factor…

Only 375 elite lifetime memberships left

You should realize there’s a very large demand for this service, and all of what I’m offering to you is

Due to the high demand for our database of women, I have finally decided to limit the number of
members we will now accept.

This will serve to preserve the expected availability of women for both our newest and our long-time

Once these final 375 memberships are sold (and they will go fast), they go off the market…forever.

So with that being said, know that the window of opportunity to be an Elite Lifetime Member won’t be open long.

All that’s left is to take the action to do it – before it’s too late.

Here’s My 100%, Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee Don’t Just Test-Drive Your New Membership For the Usual 30 Days – Take Forever…

I want you to be as confident in this program as I am, and as our current members are.

But just in case you have any lingering doubts about the quality of these women whatsoever, I’m going to make it foolproof for you.

You see, I completely guarantee your satisfaction.

Let me be more specific… You must always be 100% satisfied with your experiences.

Otherwise, we will provide you with FREE dates until you are 100% satisfied.

In other words, we do everything in our power to get you the relationship experiences you expect and

It’s my personal promise to you.

If you have questions please contact our Executive Support Department at 1-800-524-9486.

Or, for a faster response, email us at


*P.S. – Please don’t miss this remarkable, once-in- a-lifetime opportunity to finally date the quality of women you truly deserve. But hurry… only 375 Elite Lifetime Memberships are available. Once these final 375 memberships are sold (and they will go fast), they go off the market… forever.